If you have a clue how to solve these, please let me know (lab@ikoon.cz)

  • automate the distribution of OpenCL calculations to all GPUs
    • please, did you manage to automate the distribution of OpenCL calculations to all your GPUs? I also have 4 gpus in one computer now. Is there any management system, which could help me distribute this HOUDINI _OCL_DEVICENUMBER and run more instances of Houdini simultaneously, each calculating distributed slice on one computer?
  • camera y-lock (3d mouse)
  • group adhoc
    • @primnum%2==0? @elemnum==5? why not?
  • cache
    • cache sop is slow (file td – v47 – back hud.hiplc – water mesh)
    • alembic is fast
    • polysoup is quite fast
    • packed is quite fast


  • addressing values in the sheet …python?
  • http://forums.odforce.net/topic/30089-visualize-geometry-inside-of-a-dopnet/



  • chf default values and ranges //comment in the wrangle


  • ok


  • shift enter rename
  • ┬ámouse
    • ctrl shift ? set cam pivot
    • maximize pane, all
  • underscore ctrl-space
  • restore cam
  • home end?

After Isolating/Unisolating (I/Shift-I) channels in Animation Editor, the channel view does not refresh and behaves just like inactive “screenshot”. If I maximize or resize the window, the channels view refresh and I can edit channels again.

help to be printed

  • Q Box, Shift-Q Brush
  • Shift-C Contained, Shift-V Visible


  • https://github.com/eksime/VDesk
  • file: sops + chops + rop + shop
  • folder: dop
  • firefox

array expression

    string takes = chsop("take");
    startS = slice( split( takes, "_"), 1 );
    startF = atof(startS);
    return startF;

voxel resolution / positions

– sample animated SOP colisionvel at “0.2” voxel size, voxels always aligned to {0,0,0} thanks to the bound?
– calculate DOP smoke at “0.1” voxel size, voxels always aligned to {0,0,0}
Please tell me what is roughly the workflow, I will study.


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