VEX Quaternion orient, N, up

Without @orient:

v@N; // +Z axis of the copy
v@up; // +Y axis of the copy

Representing a quaternion from an angle and axis. The angle is specified in radians:

float angle = radians(90);
vector axis = set(0, 1, 0);
p@rot = quaternion(angle, axis);

Representing a quaternion from a 3×3 rotational matrix:

float angle = radians(90);
vector axis = {0,1,0};
matrix3 m = ident();
rotate(m, angle, axis);
@orient = quaternion(m);

PI eight digits

#include "math.h";
float e = M_E; //2.7182818
f@angle = PI; //3.1415926
f@angle = radians(180);


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