Python snippets

Bind light’s “Enable” checkbox to the display flag

obj = hou.node(".")
return obj.isDisplayFlagSet()

Reference SOP input from chopnet Geometry

chopnode = hou.node("..")
chopname =                  # chopnet_smooth
chopnet,task = chopname.split('_')          # chopnet smooth
channelnodepath = "../../channel_" + task   # ../../channel_smooth
channelnode = hou.node(channelnodepath)
inputpath = channelnode.inputs()[0].path()
return inputpath

instances() nodes of type in the scene

thanks to julian johnson!

node_type = hou.objNodeTypeCategory().nodeTypes()['bone']
for x in node_type.instances():
    print x

hou.playbar.setPlaybackRange(self, start, end)

print node.type().name() # file, filecache, delete, solver, dopimport, …
node = hou.pwd()
path = node.path()
objContextNodeName = path.split(‘/)[-2]

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