Shelf Tools and Hotkeys

This is just my little repository of custom hotkeys and little python tools



    #  Desktops            Ctrl+Alt+NUM

h.desktop05 "Desktop 5" "Switch to Desktop 5"    Alt+Ctrl+1
h.desktop06 "Desktop 6" "Switch to Desktop 6"    Alt+Ctrl+4
h.desktop07 "Desktop 7" "Switch to Desktop 7"    Alt+Ctrl+5
h.desktop08 "Desktop 8" "Switch to Desktop 8"    Alt+Ctrl+6

    #  Render              F12

h.tool:start_ren	start_ren	"Shelf Tool: start_ren"	 F12
h.tool:kill_ren	kill_ren	"Shelf Tool: kill_ren"	 F11

    #  Network             F

h.pane.wsheet.home_selected "Home Selected" "Home selected OP tiles"     Shift+H G F
h.pane.wsheet.frame_selected    "Frame Selected"    "Frame selected OP tiles"    Shift+F

    #  Network             Backspace

h.pane.chedit.toggle_list   "Toggle Channel List"   "Toggle channel list"    Tab
h.pane.gview.operator_menu  "Toolbar Menu"  "Pop up toolbar menu"    Tab
h.pane.jump_back    "Jump Back" "Jump back one step"     Alt+LeftArrow Backspace
h.pane.wsheet.add_op    "Add Operator"  "Add Operator"   Tab

    #  Network  Display                 Ins
    #  Network  Display + Render        Ctrl Ins
    #  Network  Bypass                  Ctrl Del    
    #  Network  Template                Ctrl Shift Ins
    #  Network  Selectable Template     Ctrl Alt Ins (TODO)
    #  Network  Clear templates         Ctrl Shift Del

h.tool:node_disp    node_disp   "Shelf Tool: node_disp"  Insert
h.tool:node_byp node_byp    "Shelf Tool: node_byp"   Ctrl+Del
h.tool:node_ren node_ren    "Shelf Tool: node_ren"   Ctrl+Insert
h.tool:toggle_realtime  toggle_realtime "Shelf Tool: toggle_realtime"    Alt+Shift+T
h.tool:node_tpl node_tpl    "Shelf Tool: node_tpl"   Ctrl+Shift+Insert
h.tool:toggle_pts   toggle_pts  "Shelf Tool: toggle_pts"     Alt+Shift+W
h.textport  Textport    "Open texport"  
h.floatpanel    "Floating Panel"    "New floating panel"    

h.pane.gview.cleartemplates "Clear All templates"   "Clear all template flags"   Ctrl+Shift+Del

    # Insert fix
h.pane.take.list.insert "Insert New Take"   "Insert New Take"   
h.pane.projectm.new_folder  "Add New Folder"    "Add New Folder"    
h.pane.gview.handle.xform.pivot_mode    "Pivot Mode"    "Toggle pivot mode"  \"

    #  Network  Left Right Page Down

h.pane.wsheet.left  "Set Current Left"  "Set Current left"   Shift+PageUp , Ctrl+PageUp
h.pane.wsheet.right "Set Current Right" "Set Current right"  Shift+PageDown . Ctrl+PageDown
h.pane.gview.left   "Move To Left Sibling"  "Move to left sibling operation"     Shift+PageUp , Ctrl+PageUp
h.pane.gview.right  "Move To Right Sibling" "Move to right sibling operation"    Shift+PageDown . Ctrl+PageDown
h.pane.nexttab  "Next Tab"  "Next pane tab"  Ctrl+Tab
h.pane.prevtab  "Previous Tab"  "Previous pane tab"  Ctrl+Shift+Tab

    #  Network  Color    Shift-C
    #  Network  Align    C

h.pane.wsheet.align_horizontal  "Align Nodes Horizontally"  "Align the selected nodes horizontally"  C
h.pane.wsheet.color_palette "Color Palette" "Open color palette"     Shift+C

    #  Network        collapse to subnet          Ctrl-N

h.pane.wsheet.collapse  "Collapse Selected" "Collapse selected operators"    Ctrl+N   New "Delete all contents"    Alt+N

    #  Network        drag Render                 Z
    #  Network        drag Template               X
    #  Network        drag Visualise              V
    #  Network        drag Bypass                 B

h.pane.wsheet.visualize_mode    "Visualize Output"  "Hold this key and select a node or output connector to visualize the output"    V
h.pane.wsheet.flag2_mode    "Set Secondary Flag"    "Hold this key and select a node to toggle the secondary flag value"     X
h.pane.wsheet.flag3_mode    "Set Third Flag"    "Hold this key and select a node to toggle a third flag value"   Z
h.pane.wsheet.scope_chans   "Scope Channels"    "Scope channels"    

    #  Network align     E
h.pane.wsheet.align_vertical    "Align Nodes Vertically"    "Align the selected nodes vertically"    E

    #  Houdini           Maximize Pane          ' 
    #  Houdini           Maximize To Split      \
    #  Houdini           Next Camera      ]

h.pane.gview.handle.xform.handle_geometry_detachment    "Toggle Handle-Geometry Detachment" "Toggle handle-geometry detachment" 
h.pane.maximize_full    Maximize    "Toggle pane full screen"    Alt+\\' Ctrl+B \\'
h.pane.maximize_split   "Maximize in Split Direction"   "Toggle pane full size horizontally or vertically"   \\
h.pane.gview.nextcamera "Next Camera"   "Look through the next camera in the list"   ]

    #  Geometry Quad       Alt-W

h.pane.gview.state.view.toggle_single_quad  "Toggle Single/Quad"    "Toggle single/quad viewport layouts"    B Alt+W
h.rename_selected_nodes "Rename Selected Nodes" "Rename selected nodes"
    #  Restart Selecting Group                             Ctrl+Shift+R
h.pane.gview.redoselection  "Restart Selecting" "Restart selecting"  Ctrl+Shift+R
h.pane.gview.state.new_view "View Tool" "Invoke the view tool"   `

    #  Network   Create Nested Channel Groups              Ctrl+Shift+A

h.pane.wsheet.create_channel_groups "Create Nested Channel Groups"  "Create nested channel groups that correspond to parameter folders"  Ctrl+Shift+A

    #  Houdini    Copy Paste Relative Refs                 Alt+C   Alt+V

h.pane.parms.copy_parm  "Copy Parameter"    "Copy parameter"     Alt+C
h.pane.parms.paste_rel_refs "Paste Copied Relative Refs"    "Paste copied relative refs"     Alt+V
h.paste Paste   "Paste Selection"    Ctrl+V
h.copy  Copy    "Copy selection"     Ctrl+C

    #  Houdini    Timeline        End of Range              Ctrl+DownArrow

h.range_end "Jump To End Of Range"  "Jump to end of range"   Ctrl+DownArrow

    #  Recook All Sims                                       Alt+Ctrl+S

h.reset_sim "Reset Simulations" "Recook simulations in open viewers"     Alt+Ctrl+S

    #  External Editor

h.pane.parms.edit_expression_external   "Edit in External Editor"   "Custom Menu Operation: Edit in External Editor"     Alt+E

    #  Edit Parameter Interface

h.pane.wsheet.opmenu.spareparms "Edit Parameter Interface"  "Edit the node's parameter interface"    Ctrl+Shift+I